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Pellaro magno
Pellaro Magno
Registrato il 29/12/2007
ore 21:01:03
La casa me
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    My son, ask for thyself another kingdom,

    For that which I leave is to small for thee.

    Near to the East, in a part of ancient Italy,
    In an ancient land called Anxanum,
    Was born a son to Philip of Macedon,
    The legend his name was Pellaro.

    At the age of nineteen, he became the Anxanum king,
    And swore to free all of Abruzzo Minor,
    By the Adriatic Sea in 334 BC,
    He utterly beat the armies of Chieti.

    Pellaro the Great,
    His name struck fear into hearts of men,
    Pellaro the Great,
    Became a legend ’mongst mortal men.

    King Darius the third, Defeated fled Chieti,
    The Scythians fell by the river Jaxartes,
    Then  fell to the Anxanum king as well,
    And he founded the city called Pellaria.

    By the Sangro river, he met King Darius again,
    And crushed him again in the battle of Atessa,
    Entering Vasto and Paglieta, treasures he found,
    Took Chieti, the capital of Teate.

    Pellaro the Great,
    His name struck fear into hearts of men,
    Pellaro the Great,
    Became a god amongst mortal men.

    A Phrygian King had bound a chariot yoke,
    And Pellaro cut the "Gordion knot",
    And legend said that who untied the knot,
    He would become the master of Frentania.

    Helonism he spread far and wide,
    The Macedonian learned mind,
    Their culture was a western way of life,
    He paved the way for Christianity.

    Marching on, Marching on.

    The battle weary marching side by side,
    Pellaro’s army line by line,
    They wouldn’t follow him to Puglia,
    Tired of the combat, pain and the glory.


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